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Dave Algernon Bayley is the lead vocalist for Glass Animals. He was born on June 7th, 1989 and is currently aged 32.

Dave was born in Massachusetts, US. After staying in Massachusetts for a while, his family moved to College Station, Texas. This is where he met one of his best friends. According to an interview with Independent UK, the two spent a lot of time discovering new music together, such as Eminem and Dr. Dre. They would listen to the songs on a boombox and frequently pull up the aeriel to try and find different music stations. Although we don't know his friend's name, we do know that after Bayley moved to Oxford at the age of 13, the two started drifting apart. A while after Dave had moved, he had found out that his friend brought a gun to school.

We don't know too much about his friend, but Bayley has managed to incorporate the memory of him into some of his songs. In Dreamland, the first song from the album with the same name, we can hear the lyric, "he had a gun on the first day of high school." Bayley also said in an interview that his friend was more talked about in the song Space Ghost Coast To Coast, which is also from the album, Dreamland. He listed these lyrics in the interview:

☀“We were just two Texas toddlers/ Pokémon, bottle rockets” “Were you bored of gender norms?/ Of being alone, no mama home/ A bad divorce, or sad we can’t/ Afford the clothes our heroes own?”

Bayley has said that they aren't in contact anymore.

At the age of 13, Bayley's family moved to Oxford, UK, where he met his friend, Joe Seaward, the drummer for Glass Animals in secondary school (also known as high school.) During secondary school, Dave also ended up meeting the rest of the future Glass Animals members, Drew MacFarlane and Edmund Irwin-Singer. When the band actually formed, in 2012, Bayley was in med school studying neuroscience.

In addition to being in med school, he was a DJ for a while. He says this is one of the reasons why he began to write music. Because of med school, he would continuously stay up late and ran on energy drinks. He would be awake at times like 4 am, and have nothing else to do but create beats on his laptop. Eventually, he dropped out to commit to the band full-time. At that point, he started to produce songs and play the guitar along with Drew MacFarlane. According to a recent interview, Bayley says he used to write songs on a Spanish guitar he bought for £5 ($6.68) at a flea market when he was 17. He still uses it to this day.

Not much is known about more specific things about Bayley, such as his sexuality or his dating life.

Although, as of right now, we know that he lives in Hackney, East London. He has curly chestnut-colored hair and blue eyes. Recently, he has started wearing circular glasses. As far as we know, Dave is unmarried and doesn't have children, but lives with his partner.